Survey & Mapping

The survey is the foundation of many projects MKA undertakes. It is a critical step, and often a legal requirement, to establish boundaries of ownership and locations of surface and subsurface features. We provide owners with data that forms the basis for planning, safety and determining constructability.

MKA supports contractors with construction stake-out, which supplies reference points and markers for construction. At the completion of the project, our Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) is ideal to help generate as-built surveys. This data supplies the owner, and sometime regulators and financiers, with details of final construction.

MKA’s investment in UAS, and other survey technology, has also allowed us to complete challenging oil and gas projects. We supply our clients with routing studies with mapping, HDD analysis, easement exhibits, design and topographic surveys, and right-of-way layouts.

The experience of our staff and advancements in technology allows us to support oil and gas, land development, utility, transportation, and municipal projects. The utilization of new technology allows us to gather and process information in hours, not days. Below is a summary of our services:

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• Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
• Gas and Oil Exploration and Development
• Electric Distribution and Transmission Lines
• Sewer, Water, Stormwater Lines
• Basemaps & Plats
• Pipeline Development
• Right-of-Way Surveys
• Property Surveys
• Constructability Analysis
• Construction Stake Outs
• Earthwork Calculations
• As-Built Surveys
• Topographic Surveys
• Hydrostatic Surveys
• Geodetic Surveys
• Hydrographic Surveys
• Orthophotography
• Photogrammetric Mapping
• Aerial Mapping

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