McTish-Kunkel - Transportation

America’s economy requires safe and efficient transportation assets that have long life cycles.  MKA has been designing transportation assets since our firm began.  We’re involved in big projects that move thousands of people a day.  If you use Pennsylvania’s Interstates, rail lines, airports, and local roadways, we’ve helped get you where you’re heading.  For people who walk, run, and bike, we’ve designed trail systems and streetscapes that make fitness fun and communities more livable.

MKA works to increase the knowledge of our staff through training and peer support. Many of our employees are certified by the following:  National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET), American Concrete Institute (ACI), American Welding Society (AWS), and Northeast Center of Excellence for Pavement Technology (NECEPT)

McTish-Kunkel - Oil & Gas

For decades the world has struggled to achieve balance in energy markets. In 2009, MKA started supporting exploration and production clients in unconventional shale plays.  Our experience with the environmentally sensitive areas of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio is valuable as our clients safely develop their oil and gas assets.  Just a decade ago, forecasts showed reduced supply of oil and natural gas for developed and developing countries.  The world markets now recognize the unprecedented level of productivity and efficiency offered by America’s Marcellus and Utica formations.  Oil and natural gas prices are now a fraction of what they were just six years ago.

MKA values safety on the work site. We do our best to protect all employees as we perform our duties. The following allow us to certify and verify the actions of MKA:  Veriforce®, ISNetworld®, PEC Safety®, and Avetta®.

McTish - Energy

America is committed to generating electricity via zero and low-emission facilities.  MKA’s experience in exploration and production allowed us to move to mid-stream work.  We design, permit, and help construct pipelines that bring low-cost natural gas to new, efficient, low-emission gas generation plants.  Many times, MKA provides engineering for site, access roads and electrical transmission line tie-in.  This work has contributed to a decade of declining carbon emission in America.

McTish-Kunkel - Land Development
Land Development

Making America’s communities great places in which to live, learn, and play requires proper land development design and permitting.  MKA’s objective is to deliver an optimal outcome for owners and users.  Traffic, stormwater management, right-of-ways, and other regulatory considerations influence our final designs.  We’re always aware, in all our markets, that changes in regulations must be anticipated and incorporated in our efforts.

McTish-Kunkel - Municipal Infrastructure
Municipal Infrastructure

The assets that make your community livable are all around you.  You can’t always see them.  Some of MKA’s design projects are massive in scale and deliver fresh water or treat sanitary waste.  Some take on a more human scale like eliminating barriers to access and improving traffic safety on your public streets.