Pine Creek Trail (PA Wilds Initiative)

Lycoming and Tioga Counties, PA

The Pine Creek Council of Governments is a coalition of Brown, Cummings, McHenry, and Watson Townships and Jersey Shore Borough in Lycoming County, Morris Township in Tioga County, and the Pine Creek Preservation Association. McTish, Kunkel & Associates (MKA) performed a study to evaluate the adequacy of existing and proposed restroom and solid waste management policies and facilities pertaining to the Pine Creek Rail Trail and surrounding communities that comprise the Pine Creek Council of Governments (COG). One goal of the study was to identify population and tourism trends so that current capacity and future demand for public restroom and solid waste management facilities could be determined and compared. This was accomplished through a detailed analysis of local and regional demographics, land use, property ownership patterns, past and projected subdivision and land development activity, proposed transportation projects, and traffic and tourism trends. The results were applied to anticipate the potential impact of the Pennsylvania Wilds Initiative on public sanitation aspects of environmental quality along the Pine Creek Rail Trail and in the adjacent COG communities. MKA performed field surveys to characterize, photo document, and field-locate existing restroom and solid waste management facilities using backpack GPS; reviewed previous study reports, planning documents and ordinances; and participated in a series of public and special purpose meetings, including meetings and correspondence with officials from PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). Data collected using GPS was entered into the project Geographic Information System (GIS). The final report established standards for the provision of public restrooms along the trail and adjoining public roads, and made recommendations, including a cost benefit analysis regarding the possible use of public funds to enhance restroom facilities at privately owned commercial facilities. The final report also offered recommendations regarding the adequacy of existing solid waste management ordinances and facilities, provided an economic equitability analysis of managing solid waste facilities on a cost-share basis with DCNR, recommended policies and procedures to enhance recycling, and provided guidelines for implementing an effective public education program to prevent illegal dumping and littering.

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Rails to Trails

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Pine Creek COG