Above Ground Water Supply Network – SGL 12

State Game Lands 12, Sullivan and Bradford Counties, PA
McTish - Oil & Gas

This water supply network entailed wetland/stream delineation, impact avoidance/minimization analysis, and permitting for two above ground waterlines to be used by an MKA client for hydraulic fracturing.  These waterlines connect a water source and storage to a group of well pads.  In addition to environmental, MKA services included alignment selection and engineering design.

  • Alignment crosses Exceptional Value and Wild Trout streams
  • Design utilized existing culverted road crossings for waterline alignment which allowed for favorable permitting path
  • Alignment at existing road crossings of streams allowed for less complicated PADEP Small Projects Joint Permit
  • Project schedule was shortened via a design that did not require a USACOE Section 404 Permit
  • 3.1 miles of waterline
Facility Type

Oil and Gas

Owner's Name
Chief Oil & Gas